Token Info and Locked Supply of VPS ERC20

The VPS AI project is propelled by a visionary tokenomics structure, specifically designed to nurture a robust and decentralized infrastructure network. By emphasizing community engagement and leveraging the collective power of VPS Token holders, VPS AI is on a path to establishing the most extensive decentralized cloud computing network to date.

Our approach harmonizes the dynamism of community-driven growth with the strategic foresight akin to blue-chip management, laying down a solid foundation for unparalleled expansion.

Token Circulation and Community Empowerment

A staggering 85% of all VPS tokens minted are allocated directly to the community. This substantial circulation among community holders underpins our commitment to decentralization and the vital role of active user involvement in securing and sustaining the network. It's this democratized distribution that forms the bedrock of our ecosystem, ensuring that the benefits of our anticipated viral growth are shared broadly and equitably.

Locked Supply and Strategic Allocation

While a significant portion of VPS tokens fuels community growth and network activity, we also recognize the importance of strategic reserves for future development and contingencies. As such, 12% of the tokens are secured through various methods, detailed as follows:

  • Liquidity Pool (LP): To ensure market stability and trust, liquidity pool tokens are locked for one year. This commitment is transparent and can be verified on the Unicrypt network, ensuring our stakeholders have full visibility into our liquidity pool (View on Unicrypt).

  • Partnerships and Exchange Listings (3% Unlocked): A small, strategic reserve of 3% of tokens is unlocked to facilitate partnerships and potential exchange listings, enhancing the VPS AI ecosystem's reach and accessibility.

  • Short-Term Contingency Reserve (2% Locked for 2 Months): To address immediate needs or opportunities that arise, 2% of tokens are held in a short-term contingency reserve, locked for 2 months. Should these tokens remain unneeded as the term nears its end, they will be securely relocked, underscoring our prudent management and commitment to long-term value.

  • Long-Term Incentives (10% Vested): Reflecting our dedication to the sustained growth and motivation of our team and key contributors, 10% of tokens are earmarked for long-term incentives. These tokens are vested over 1.5 years with a 2-month delay, ensuring alignment with VPS AI's strategic milestones and market stability.

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