In this section we hope to answer some general questions you may have. We invite you to join our official Community Channels and ask fellow VPS Members or our Group Admins.

🟩Contact & Help🟦General Information on VPS

Please familiarize yourself with all information including Disclaimers before purchasing any VPS products or services including $VPS ERC20 Token purchased via 3rd parties or decentralized open market trading.

Always ensure you are interacting only with official Team Members and are in official Telegram Groups. The VPS Team will never send messages or emails, asking for any funds, seed phrases or offers promotions of any kind.

Visit and Connect only to websites and links that originate from official project channels like the website with vpsai.io domain. Beware of phishing attempts and other malicious activity.

Common FAQs

What is VPS AI?

VPS AI is a decentralized platform that democratizes access to advanced cloud computing resources. By leveraging blockchain technology, we provide GPU-enabled Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and containerized nodes that are accessible, affordable, and secure for everyone.

Who can benefit from using VPS AI?

Our platform is designed for a wide range of users including developers, blockchain enthusiasts, startups, and enterprises who require reliable and scalable cloud computing resources. Educators and students can also benefit from our accessible and affordable computing solutions.

What makes VPS AI different from traditional cloud service providers?

Unlike traditional providers, VPS AI operates on a decentralized network that enhances security, reduces costs, and improves accessibility. Our platform also incorporates blockchain technology, offering transparent and secure transactions, and a community-driven model that empowers users.

How can I get involved with VPS AI?

You can get involved by using our services, participating in community discussions, contributing to the development, or by holding and using $VPS tokens to facilitate transactions on the platform.

Technical FAQs

How does VPS AI utilize blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is integral to VPS AI for ensuring transaction security, providing a decentralized governance model, and facilitating a transparent, tamper-proof system for managing digital interactions within our ecosystem.

What are the security measures in place for VPS AI?

VPS AI employs multiple layers of security protocols including end-to-end encryption, secure wallet integration, and regular security audits to ensure data integrity and user privacy. Decentralization further reduces the risk of centralized data breaches.

Can I host any application on VPS AI?

Yes, our VPS solutions are designed to be highly versatile, allowing users to host various applications ranging from web hosting and databases to complex machine learning models and blockchain nodes.

What kind of support does VPS AI offer for new users?

We provide comprehensive documentation, step-by-step guides, and community support forums to help new users navigate our platform. Additionally, our technical support team is available to assist with any specific issues or queries.

How does VPS AI handle scalability?

Our platform is built with scalability in mind, utilizing elastic cloud infrastructure that can dynamically adjust to the demand. This means resources can be scaled up or down based on user needs without downtime or performance degradation.

Investing FAQs

How can I benefit from holding $VPS tokens?

Holders of $VPS tokens can benefit from several mechanisms designed to incentivize participation and investment. This includes transaction fee reductions, staking rewards, and potential governance rights, which allow token holders to vote on key decisions and future developments within the VPS AI ecosystem.

Are there any incentives for early adopters of VPS AI?

Yes, early adopters and active community members can receive various incentives such as exclusive access to beta tests, special staking rewards, and promotional airdrops. We aim to reward our community for their support and active participation in shaping the project.

What reward opportunities does VPS AI offer?

VPS AI offers several opportunities for high-risk/high-reward investments, including speculative staking programs where tokens can be locked to support network security and operations in exchange for potential returns based on network fees and token appreciation.

How volatile is the $VPS token? What should potential buyer consider?

As with many crypto assets, $VPS tokens can be volatile in price fluctuations, depending on current demand on the open market. Potential buyers of $VPS should consider market trends, projected platform usage, project developments and broader economic factors. VPSAI has no impact on the price of $VPS token and we encourage all potential buyers to perform due diligence and consider obtaining professional advice prior to purchasing $VPS Token or any other VPSAI offered products.

Can anyone buy the $VPS token?

VPS on the Ethereum Mainnet is available for anyone to purchase and can be utilized to acquire services on the VPS Platform. Users setting up Virtual Machines, can settle the costs for the required resources via $VPS token at preferred rates. We do not advise any non-accredited investor to purchase $VPS token for investment purposes with the speculation of profit. $VPS token is available to obtain via a variety of transfer options on the Ethereum Mainnet and does not rely on VPSAI or any of its agents or related parties to facilitate liquidity or guarantee stock price.

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