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Welcome to Tech & Product Updates! This timeline showcases our project's journey, highlighting key developments and milestones. Here you'll find regular updates on our progress, from technical breakthroughs to new features.

Update 9th of July 2024

Nodes, Containerization, and Infrastructure

Over the past month, our team has been focused on enhancing the foundation of our node and cloud computing infrastructure. This critical work includes optimizing our node architecture with advanced load balancing and redundancy measures to ensure continuous operation and reliability. We've also made significant strides in containerization by integrating Kubernetes for seamless container orchestration and enhancing security with stringent access controls.

Additionally, we've restructured our cloud resource allocation strategies for better cost efficiency and integrated hybrid cloud solutions for improved data management. We've deployed enhanced monitoring tools and real-time analytics to proactively manage and optimize our infrastructure.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that several highly anticipated features will be introduced in phases over the coming period. These features include one-click deployment of dApps and streamlined domain and CNAME routing. These enhancements will significantly improve user experience by enabling quick and easy hosting and efficient domain management.

Strategic Partnership Updates

You've probably noticed we've been teaming up with a lot of companies lately. There's a reason for that. Behind the scenes, our team is always talking and working with potential partners. We actually have a whole group dedicated to finding the right technical fits, writing up agreements, and figuring out how we can help each other down the road.

It takes a lot of digging and back-and-forth to make sure these partnerships make sense for everyone. We're not just collecting logos - we're looking to grow our reach and serve more people. By joining forces, we can do more, learn from each other, and push the envelope on what's possible. It's how we stay ahead of the curve and keep improving what we offer you.

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