▪️Adding Credit to Your VPS AI Dashboard

How to add credits and billing for your VPS AI services

  1. In the "Billing" Tab in the taskbar on the left side of your screen, select "Add Credit".

  1. On This Page, You Can Select the Amount of Credit You Wish to Add and Choose the Cryptocurrency You Prefer to Use.

Minimum 50$ Transaction Amount Required

Credit Card Payment Integration Coming Soon

  1. Once Selected, Your Wallet Extension will Open. There, You Must Confirm the Payment Transaction.

  1. Once the Transaction is Confirmed through the Wallet, You will be Redirected to the VPS AI Payment Confirmation Page, Reflecting the On-Chain Status of the Transaction. The Pending Completion of Your Credit May Take a Minute Until Visible in Your Account Dashboard.

  1. Once Your Payment Confirmation is Complete, You Will See a "Success" Message in the Payment Status Field and Your Purchased Credit will Appear in "My Credit" on the Bottom Left corner of your Screen.

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