Completed Milestones and Key Achievements

  • Launch of the MVP: The culmination of our immediate efforts will be the launch of the MVP. This launch is not just a milestone but a significant leap towards establishing VPS AI as a leader in decentralized cloud computing. The MVP will showcase the core functionalities of our platform, offering users a glimpse of the full potential of decentralized VPS services.

  • Working Prototype: The development and successful internal testing of a working prototype have laid the foundational technology for VPS AI, demonstrating our capability to realize the vision of decentralized cloud computing.

  • Proof of Concept for GPU Resource Visualization: A pivotal achievement, the creation of a Proof of Concept (POC) for visualizing GPU resources, has allowed us to refine the user experience, ensuring that clients can effortlessly understand and leverage the computing power available to them.

  • Beta Testing: This crucial phase involved real users testing our platform under controlled conditions, providing valuable feedback that will be instrumental in refining our offerings.

  • Launch of New Webpage: Running in parallel with our beta testing, the launch of a new webpage marked a significant step in enhancing our online presence. This webpage will serve as a hub for information, updates, and engagement for both potential users and interested investors, reflecting the professionalism and forward-thinking ethos of VPS AI.

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